The identification of a rabbit-transmitted cervical toxoplasmosis mimicking malignant lymphoma.


A case is presented of acquired cervical toxoplasmosis occurring in a 43-year-old male, which clinically mimicked malignant lymphoma. The histopathology of this case was probable toxoplasmic lymphadenitis. Serologic tests and the use of FITC-labeled antibodies revealed high levels of specific IgG antibodies in the serum and toxoplasmic antigens in paraffin sections of the patient, respectively. During survey of the infection route, it was learned that the patient's pet rabbit and three other rabbits of the same family line had cervicofacial lumps. The pet rabbit had high levels of toxoplasmic antibodies. Immunofluorescence tests on the infraorbital lump also revealed Toxoplasma gondii. Therefore, it was concluded that in this case the rabbit had transmitted Toxoplasma to the patient. The authors know of no other reports of toxoplasmosis transmitted by or through rabbit to human.


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