Identification of a putative FR901469 biosynthesis gene cluster in fungal sp. No. 11243 and enhancement of the productivity by overexpressing the transcription factor gene frbF.


FR901469 is an antifungal antibiotic produced by fungal sp. No. 11243. Here, we searched for FR901469 biosynthesis genes in the genome of No. 11243. Based on the molecular structure of FR901469 and endogenous functional motifs predicted in each genomic NRPS gene, a putative FR901469 biosynthesis gene cluster harboring the most plausible NRPS gene was identified. A transcription factor gene, designated frbF, was found in the cluster. To improve FR901469 productivity, we constructed a strain in which frbF was overexpressed and named it TFH2-2. FR901469 productivity of TFH2-2 was 3.4 times higher than that of the wild-type strain. Transcriptome analysis revealed that most of the genes in the putative FR901469 biosynthesis gene cluster were upregulated in TFH2-2. It also showed that the expression of genes related to ergosterol biosynthesis, β-1,3-glucan catabolism, and chitin synthesis was inclined to exhibit significant differences in TFH2-2.


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