Real-Time Range Measurement Device for Three-Dimensional Object Recognition


This correspondence describes a real-time range measurement device for detecting the range, shape, and position of a three-dimensional object by a light stripe projection method. The device consists of a light stripe projection unit, a light stripe scanning control unit, a TV camera, a signal processing unit, and a microcomputer. While a laser light stripe is projected and scanned on an object at a high speed, range measurements and their calculations are done with special hardware. Range data are obtained by triangulation. This device can detect the range and shape of the object placed in a 60 cm square area at a distance of 100 cm in 490 ms by 48 × 50 points. The measurement accuracy of the device is ±2.0 cm. A sorting system for machine parts using this device has also been developed. By use of a unique range gating method, the system can discriminate three types of machine parts on a conveyor belt in 4.0 s.


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